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Buy Best Rear Tine Rototillers 2023- Reviews & Buying Guide 

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Chomp through compact soil, prepare new garden beds, and till large-scale plots in no time with the best rear tine rototillers on the market. Now shoveling, hoeing, ranking, plowing, and tilling the soil is no more a back-breaking task.

Why exert extra effort using a wooden plow to turn over the soil in the scorching sun when you can buy a rear tine rototiller for breaking new grounds? No need for hand tools and traditional methods to till the soil for agriculture or commercial needs. Rear tine tillers are basically designed to ease the tilling work for you. 

Our gardening experts after years of research have curated the list of top-rated rear tine rototillers to buy. Loosen hard soil, prepare new flower beds, dig large gardens, remove weeds, scrape the grass off, and cultivate compact soil in less than no time with our choice of rear tine rototillers. 

If you are a commercial or professional gardener then do yourself a favor and buy the best rear tine rototiller for sale that will certainly help you to dig larger plots in a trice. 

YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller


  • Dual rotating tines
  • 7 adjustable depths
  • Covers maximum ground
  • 13’ pneumatic wheels
  • Oil sensor

Study, sharp and powerful, this Yardmax YT5328 rear tine rototiller is more than just an ordinary tiller. With a heavy-duty 79cc Yardmax engine, get the perfect combination of power and torque to turn the most compact soil over.

Its removable outer sturdy steel tines allow you to easily till in between narrow rows. What makes it the best rear-tine rototiller for sale is its 3 height adjustment handlebars, which allow you to complete your task without getting tired. 

Yardmax YT5328 has a quality-built structure that can dig any tough soil with its adjustable tilling width and depth. You will definitely love how it scrapes the grass off in no less than a minute and gives you smoothly tilled soil. 

Its counter-rotating tines are suitable for any large garden and commercial plot. This Yardmax rear tine rototiller features all the user-friendly controls for beginners and professional gardeners. 


  • Poly guard protects you from dirt and debris.n first pull
  • Extremely sharp steel blades for trimming. 
  • Powerful built-in gearbox for proper torque
  • Lightweight, easy to use.


  • Engine oil filling is a bit difficult
  • The weight of the machine increases with additional attachments. 

Troy-Bilt Super-Bronco Rear Tine Rototiller


  • 208cc Troy-Bilt 4-cycle engine
  • 10’’ Bolo steel tines
  • 6’’ tilling depth.
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • 16’’ tilling width

This powerful Troy-Bilt Rear tine rototiller is powered by a 208cc 4-cycle engine to mix and loosen the dirt to mix nutrients easily. Moreover, its cast iron bronze gear drive transmission is built to last for years. 

Now no need of buying low-quality plowers that do not hold up for years, here we have the best top-rated rear tine rototiller for you that is backed by a lifetime warranty. With 16 inches of tilling width it delivers a perfectly tilled ground after the operation. Gardening becomes so much easier with its one hand operation feature. 

This tilling buddy does not topple over hard rocks and bumps. However, you need to assemble it before working but once the assembly is done, this best-rated gas rear tine rototiller is all set to finish your task in the blink of an eye. 

The 13 inches big agricultural tires grant excellent mobility and weight balance even on bumpy grounds. We love the ergonomically designed 1-inch wide handlebars that provide exceptional control over the machine. It has an easy assembly so it is an ideal choice for any beginner. 


  • Well balanced even on unlevel grounds
  • Easy to handle and assemble
  • Excellent reverse feature


  • Does not provide enough traction

EARTHQUAKE 33970 Victory Rear Tine Rototiller


  • Heavy-duty 212cc Viper engine
  • Handlebars with 3 height adjustments
  • 10 inches tilling depth
  • Counter rotating tines
  • 16 inches tilling width

Earthquake is an ideal brand name when it comes to meeting gardening needs. With excellent sod-busting power and incredible performance, this Earthquake rear tine rototiller outshines its competitors. 

It features a powerful 212cc Viper engine that turns over the toughest soil in no less than a minute. Earthquake 33970 Victory has counter-rotating tines that spin in the opposite direction to the wheels. Its sturdy steel tines perfectly till and cultivate the rough terrain which has never been cultivated before. 

What’s more? It has an instant reverse feature so you need not exert effort to shift the entire machine back at the end of gardening rows. All you need to do is to pull the reverse lever to change the position of the tiller. The handlebars are featured with 3 height adjustments for a comfortable tilling experience. What makes it the best rear tine rototiller on the market is the 16 inches wide tilling width and 10 inches tilling depth it covers. Its self-propelled wheels are built to last for years. This versatile Earthquake rear tine rototiller ensures high-quality performance and is backed by 5 years limited warranty.


  • Budget-friendly rototiller
  • Reasonably self-propelled wheels
  • Adjustable handlebars


  • Not suitable for featherweight or weaklings

CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT 19-Inch Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller


  • 212cc Gas-powered engine
  • Dual rotating tines
  • 19 inches tilling width
  • 160lbs/ft weight
  • Forward & reverse gears

An ideal choice for professional gardeners, the Champion rear tine rototiller outshines as the best-rated rear tine rototiller to buy. With its powerful 212cc gas-powered engine, it gets the optimal balance of power and torque to turn over the toughest of soil. 

What we loved about this Champion rear tine rototiller is its dual rotation feature: forward and reverse. It has sturdy steel tines that dig up to the tilling depth of 8 inches and tilling width of 19 inches. Keeping in view the type of soil, you can easily switch between the modes, listing it as the best dual-rotating rear tine rototiller

What’s next? It has 13 inches big agricultural wheels that are self-propelled and easily balance weight on unlevel terrain. With its 13.8 inches big sharp steel tines you get your job done in no less than a minute. 

It has a compact framework that allows you till in between narrow gardening rows without damaging delicate plants and roots. This gardening machine is backed by a 2 years limited warranty.


  • Excellent for compact grounds
  • Forward and reverse gears for commercial gardening
  • Counter-rotating tines
  • Tilling width is the widest among all other tillers


  • No electric start
  • Wheels come off the rim

Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Rototiller


  • 196cc OHV 4 cycle engine
  • 18 inches tilling width
  • Easy manual recoil start
  • 13 inches agricultural wheels
  • Counter-rotating tines

If you are in search of the best rear tine rototiller for the money, then here you go! We have covered you with the best result of your search. This Southland rear tine rototiller has all the exceptional features you are looking for in your gardening tiller at an affordable rate. 

Equipped with a powerful 196cc Gas-powered 4 cycle engine that works like a beast and turns over the soil and rips off grass and weeds in no time. Now no need to burn out your time and energy while assembling the machine, as this gardening tiller has an easy assembly and control option. 

This is the best price rear tine rototiller to buy on our list that can even chop off large tree roots and thick compact soil, as its sharp counter-rotating tines can dig up to the tilling depth of 10 inches and tilling width of 18 inches. 

Also, it features a depth regulator lever, so you can easily adjust the depth while tilling in larger commercial plots. For the peace of mind of customers this tilling machine is backed by a 2 years limited warranty. 


  • Simple to assemble and handle
  • Excellently operates as described
  • Counter-rotating tines
  • Best used for commercial gardening
  • Forward & Reverse gears for any type of soil


  • No additional attachment for this rototiller

Earthwise TC70025 Electric Rear Tine Rototiller


  • 2.5 Amp Motor
  • 7.5’’ tilling width & 6’’ tilling depth
  • 11.6 lbs weight
  • Comfortable handlebars
  • 3 position wheels


  • Small compact design for easy traIf you are a beginner and looking for the best electric rear tine rototiller for sale, then here you go! Earthwise Electric rear tine rototiller is an ideal choice to start garden tilling with. 
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty motor of 2.5 Amp it delivers optimal torque to loosen compact soil and prepare new flower beds. No need to burn your time pulling the cord or mixing oil and gas anymore, start this tilling machine with a simple electric push button. 
  • This electric rear tine rototiller has sharp steel tines to dig up to the tilling depth of 6 inches and 7.5 inches tilling width. That is ideal for working in home or commercial gardens. What we loved about this Earthwise rear tine rototiller is it’s easy-to-start operation and soft grip handlebars. 
  • This is the best performance rear tine garden rototiller that works excellently on small to medium-sized gardens. It features standard wheels that balance the machine even on rough or uneven terrain. This tilling model is backed by a 2 years limited warranty for the customer’s peace of mind. 
  • Adjustable tines
  • Easy to assemble.
  • High-quality air filter


  • Tines clog up in heavy grass
  • Not have enough power

Troy-Bilt Pony 6.5 HP Rear Tine Rototiller


  • 250cc Briggs & Stratton 4 cycle engine
  • 16’’ tilling width & 7’’ tilling depth
  • One-hand operation
  • 13’’ big agricultural wheels
  • Power reverse feature

If you are looking for the best rear tine rototiller for breaking new grounds, then here is the error-free result of your search, Troy-Bilt Pony Rear tine Rototiller is designed to till grounds that have never been worked on before. 

It has a 250cc Briggs and Stratton 4-cycle engine with better fuel efficiency that helps you do gardening with much ease. 

The easy-to-control design completes even the toughest of your job so you can comfortably till the ground in the scorching heat. Thanks to the one-hand operation that helps you control the machine with just one hand. 

This Troy-Bilt rear tine rototiller has a power reverse feature allowing comfortable handling and can help you reverse the machine at the end of rows without any manual effort. 

This sturdy tilling partner is backed by a 2 years limited warranty for customer’s peace of mind. The 13 inches big agricultural tires are solid and sturdy and do not let the dirt stick to them. So it gives efficient mobility on any type of ground.  


  • Heavy-duty engine to break tough grounds
  • Starts on the first pull
  • Rugged performance


  • Levers are awkward
  • The handlebar is not of good quality


Engine Type

If you choose a rototiller with an appropriate engine then it will deliver optimal power and torque to complete the given task in hours. Prefer buying a 4-stroke engine that consumes less fuel and makes comparatively less noise than a 2-stroke engine. A 2 stroke engine requires adequate mixing oil and gas to work while a 4-stroke engine works smoothly and manages the fuel well.

Tines Strength

A tiller is all about strong tines, if you are looking for the best-rated rototiller, then first check its tines. If the tines are designed sturdy enough to break hard soil, then your choice is right. Tines break up the soil and allow nutrients and air to percolate the deep roots of the soil. So choose the rototiller wisely while taking into concern the appropriate tines design.

Adjustable Tilling Width and Depth

One of the prime features to look for is adjustable tilling width and depth. Pick up the rototiller with adjustable tilling depth, so you can dig as deep into the soil as is required according to the soil type. The adjustable tilling width allows you to cover the maximum surface area in much less span of time. Also it allows you to easily cultivate in between the rows of narrow beds.

Adjustable Handlebars

It is important to pick a model that has adjustable handlebars that are ergonomically designed so you don’t need to lean or bend over. These collapsible handlebars allow you to easily store your garden rototiller in the storage area or transport it through a car easily. Good quality handlebars prevent the growth of blisters on your palm. 

Agricultural wheels

Large agricultural wheels play a vital role in the efficient working of rototillers. They help the garden rototiller in moving forward  by providing traction and high maneuverability on rugged terrain. Prefer buying a rototiller with large agricultural wheels that easily push along sidewalks and driveways when you are heading to and from your garden plot.


The depth bar of the rear-tine rototiller can be raised to dig deeper into the soil. If a gardener has to dig in shallow areas then he can lower the depth bar according to his requirement. While working in the softer soil, depth bars can be raised.

Rear-tine rototillers are better than other tine tillers in many aspects. They can work on larger areas easily as well as convert the hard rocky soil into smooth fertile soil without putting much effort so don’t worry about getting tired or achy back. Its machinery is heavy and strong as compared to other tillers so it can last for a long time.

A rear-tine rototiller can dig the soil up to 8 inches or more. They have larger and heavy machinery that is used for initial ground-breaking. Rototillers of very heavy machinery can dig as wide as 3 feet(0.9 metres) in a single pass. 

Our final verdict

Being a professional gardener, I have worked for almost 15 years in multifarious gardens. So I created this blog for enthusiastic gardeners all around the globe. I hope that the article above lent you a helping hand in gaining enough information for the accurate choice of the best rear tine rototiller. All the information is based on years of research and experience. Thank you!

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