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Earthquake promises a durable built quality outdoor power-built equipment manufacturing. Today we will give you honest and useful reviews on earthquake tiller. After years of research in tilling needs, we believe that Earthquake has always manufactured innovative and novel designs in order to stay true to its values. 

Earthquake has now stood as an international brand after 50 years of expertise by providing efficient machines to fulfill all your gardening and landscaping needs. In this Earthquake tiller review, we will tell how the earthquake has made its mark by putting together everlasting designs, heavy-duty engines, groundbreaking tines, sturdy durable wheels, and a stout drag system. 



From 1960 to up till now, a small metal fabricating shop in Cumberland, Wisconsin committed to providing high-quality durable products designed by the world’s top specialists. In 1983 when the earthquake introduced the first lightweight earth auger with ball bearing transmission, and in 1987 introduced a drag system on its rototiller, the world knew that earthquake had stood with a triumphant mark in the market. 

Another smash hit came to the tilling market in 2000, when Earthquake introduced gear drive front tine tillers with the Badger model of tuck-under wheels for easy transport and storage. Then in 2005, Earthquake introduced to the world, its heavy-duty Viper engines. 

While in 2018, through a wide assortment of new plans, they distill the best highlights into the proficient plan of building tires that are strong elastic, and the edges are made of tough stepped steel. The wheel joins a forceful track design with deep lugs, side shields, and drage stake that paw the ground with every transformation, and it turns over rocks easily. In the same year, they worked to provide set wheels with five deep set spokes. 

And now in the recent year, earthquake stands as the best tiller of 2021 undoubtedly with its finest performance and excellent features, earthquake tops in the list of best tillers in the market and beats its competitors with all the innovation it got with time.

So here is our article on Earthquake tillers reviews, no need of wasting time, researching for the best tillers on the market, because all you need is here:


Earthquake Victory 29702 Tiller Easy to assemble, worth the money, Airless wheels.
Earthquake 31635 MC33 Mini TillerOverhand control, onboard wheels, effortless maneuverability.
Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller CultivatorHighly Convenient and quiet, versatile and strong.
Earthquake 33970 Victory Rear Tine TillerCompact power, instant reverse, counter-rotating tines.
Earthquake 31043 Badger Heavy Duty Front Tine TillerExcellent performance, durability, and stability, multiple tilling widths.
Earthquake 31452 MAC Tiller CultivatorRigid u-turn handlebars, lightweight and easy to control.
Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator TillerEasy to assemble, spark plug, complete control.
Earthquake 12802 MC440 Mini CultivatorOutstanding value, easy to assemble, great little tiller. 

Earthquake Victory 29702 Tiller Review 


  •  The 196cc Kohler Engine delivers incredible
  • AIRLESS WHEELS- This model of the Earthquake Victory
  • Easy to transport and operate.
  • HIGHLY MANEUVERABLE- With its compact frame
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY- A bronze gear drive transmission

Are you looking for the best rear tine tiller for the money? Here it is, earthquake victory 29702, that lessens your effort and provides you with many conveniences. In this earthquake rototiller review, we will tell you how this earthquake victory stands out as the best rear tine rototiller. It is easy to operate and is made significantly with a 196cc engine to deliver power and durability to you. It stands out as one of the best tillers you will find on the market for wedding and aeration of your soil without damaging plants. This versatile machine offers you three-position heights and forwards or reverse options. 

Now break your tougher ground easily with this small-sized and light in weight tiller model by the earthquake that will make your soil fluffy without making clods. With 10 inches of tilling depth and 16-inch tilling width start maneuvering today! Spend some quality time in your garden with this friendly earthquake’s victory 29702 tiller that features two modes for easy adjustments: freewheel and drive mode. In the former, the wheels turn independently of the shaft while in the latter the pin engages the shaft and the wheels turn as the shaft turns. The little paddles on the air-less wheels that are of 5.38-inch width and 13.5-inch diameter, provide great traction on the tough grounds. 

This little gardening partner of yours offers you a 4-stroke engine and the self-propulsion it provides is evident. With a single-hand operation, the handling has been made much easier and balancing is much better so now you can add nutrients and air-rich seedbed to your stubborn soil with this best rear tine tiller of 2021. 

What’s unique

This aggressive earthquake victory 29702 with its cast-iron design, will tear through your stubborn soil. Easy to work with, extremely comfortable, and boasts low maintenance. An effective addition to your tiller family.


  • Great value for basic home gardening
  • Easy to operate
  • Unique wheel design that pulls the tiller easily


  • Changing wheel mode with linchpins is a bit troublesome
  • Idler wheels are of plastic

Earthquake 31635 MC33 Mini Tiller REVIEW


  • VERSATILE – Perfect for weeding,
  • CONVENIENT – On-board wheels adjust for transport and depth control.
  • his cultivator’s Viper engine provides plenty
  • RELIABLE – With a US-based support

In our earthquake tiller review, you will definitely find all the features in this mini tiller that you need in your tilling partner for a successful garden. Maneuvering and cultivation of soil lead to optimal growth, so choose this versatile machine that helps you get through weeds, prepare flower beds, and perfectly mixes and aerates your soil. 

A powerful 33cc, 2 cycle viper engine cultivates any small to medium-sized garden. It features a practical design and a compact size so that you can easily maneuver between the rows without damaging the soil. What we loved about this tilling machine is its powerful viper engine, which is the largest engine in its class. The sharply curved tines allow you to break through the soil in a forward or reverse direction. The tines are removable and adjustable. That can dig up to 10 inches in depth and 6 inches in width.

 For maximum maneuverability, the adjustable easy-grip handlebars and throttle arrangements are designed in this user-friendly model for effortless tilling. The overhand handlebars prevent the unit from bouncing and maintain stability. In this transport mode, you just need to slide the wheels and your gardening buddy is ready to be moved from garden to storage.

 It has an industrial air filtration system that prevents dirt from entering the engine and choking it. With the adjustable wheels, you can seamlessly transport and control the depth of tilling. To start this durable tilling machine you need to fix the fuel first, which becomes inconvenient for some professional gardeners. 

Along with high performance, this model comes with a 5 years limited warranty and the joy of breaking tough grounds with ease and comfort. 

What’s new

Earthquake MC33 features a compact durable design, with easy-grip handlebars that makes an excellent addition to your gardening family. Easy assembly allows a quick start for every beginner. 


  • Small compact design for easy transport.
  • Adjustable tines
  • Easy to assemble.
  • High-quality air filter


  • Tines clog up in heavy grass
  • Not have enough power

Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller Cultivator Review


  • Tool-less removal of outer tines 
  • EASY-TO-USE – Easy maneuverability 
  • STABILITY – Lowest center of gravity
  • CONVENIENT AND QUIET – Smooth pull recoil for an easy start
  • WARRANTY – 5-Year Limited

In the earthquake tiller reviews, we will inform you about this versatile front tine tiller that can help you with tilling and cultivation of any kind of soil. Earthquake has made its mark in the tiling industry, with its remarkable tilling products. This earthquake 20015 comes with exceptional control, a powerful engine, maximum stability, and excellent maneuverability. We loved how this machine provides excellent performance with its 4 cycles 99cc engine on dry compacted tough soil with weeds. 

It offers quicker and quieter operation, so your neighbors won’t complain about noisy tilling. Apart from the powerful engine, it has a cast aluminum gear-driven transmission. Whether you are preparing the soil for vegetation or churning and mixing the soil contents you can easily trust this all-over machine which comes with four front tines. This four tine tilling can be changed into two tines tilling with the removal of two tines with lock pins. 

The front tines of this unit have adjustable tilling options, as these tines offer the lowest center of gravity so they can tile up to 11 inches depth and 21 inches width, remaining close to the ground. It is extremely light in weight and starts with a single pull so minimal efforts are required. 

The adjustable handles with a rubber grip in its frame make it easy to handle and comfortable to use. 

This earthquake 20015 comes with a user-friendly 5 years of warranty. Which makes it an ideal choice at this price.


Depth regulators of this earthquake 20015 should be used according to the tiling needs. If you have a garden with tough soil you can change the settings of this unit. However, this front tine tiller is the best choice for beginners as it has tilling and cultivating options.


  • Smooth and easy start option
  • Quiet convenient tilling
  • Lighter machine for easy transport
  • Adjustable handle height


  • Cannot work on tougher soil
  • No swing tail

EARTHQUAKE 33970 Victory Rear Tine Tiller


  •  The 212CC Viper Engine delivers incredible
  • HIGHLY MANEUVERABLE- With its compact frame
  • RELIABLE – With a US-based support

Earthquake 33970 comes with an incredible combination of power and size. With its powerful 212cc viper you can maneuver any type of soil without any manual labor frustration. The durable cast-iron cylinder provides a long life to its structure. This versatile machine is easy to handle even on uneven grounds. 

The counter-rotating tines spin in opposite directions to the wheels to till and cultivate the rough terrain which has before never been cultivated. Also, the self-venting dipstick keeps the dirt out of the gear and protects the engine from rainwater. The reverser lever allows easy backing up while cultivating. So if you are tired or done with your tilling job, then simply pull the reverse lever to change the direction in between narrow rows and flower beds, no need of pushing the entire machine. It comes in a compact size so it is easy to adjust in any space. It can be used to break through new tough grounds and even can cultivate the already prepared beds. 

We loved how the earthquake maintained its durable built quality by manufacturing ergonomically designed handlebars that come with 3 height adjustments. The counter-rotating tines burst through tough hard compact soil with ease. These sharpened curved tines can dip up to 10 inches in depth and 16 inches in width. The pneumatic self-propelled wheels propel the tiller unit through hard-packed soil. This earthquake tiller model is built to last and ensures high-quality performance. This earthquake victory comes with a 5-year warranty for its users. 

What’s unique

Ergonomically built handlebars provide easy grip, heavy-duty 212 cc Viper engine, durable tines, bronze gear drive transmission. An excellent choice for professional gardeners and beginners as well.


  • Budget-friendly tiller
  • Reasonably strong and self-driven
  • Adjustable handlebars


  • Tines clog up in heavy grass

Earthquake 31043 Badger Heavy Duty Front Tine Tiller


  •  The 140CC Briggs and Stratton Engine
  • With the wheels in the forward position
  •  Without the use of tools, easily adjust
  • Airless wheels, robust forged tines
  • 11” up to 21” wide by simply adding or removing tines.

This earthquake 31043 badger tine tiller gives great stability and versatility. This heavy-duty front tine tiller comes with a durable high-performance 149cc 4 cycle Kohler engine, that sets a standard for other tiller engines of its type. The exclusive cast iron hinge tail mounts with wheel and drag stake system provide weight stability on uneven grounds and maximum maneuverability in between rows of your newly prepared flower beds. 

Now break your tougher ground easily with this small-sized and light in weight tiller model by earthquake that will make your soil fluffy without making dirt clods. The sharped curved tines are reliable for working in larger planting areas with an adjustable tilling width of 11, 16, and 21 inches. These durable tines dig deeper into the soil and give you better performance. The bronze gear transmission is built to last.

The foldable handles allow you to easily transport the tiller to your desired spot without any manual effort. Also, the compact unit fits perfectly in any narrow row. The large 1/4 inches diameter wheels provide comfortable transportation on rugged terrain. These high-quality wheels prevent the tiller from bouncing during jumps and jolts to give you a smooth tilling and cultivating experience. 

The ergonomically designed handlebars allow you a single-hand operation. The handling has been made much easier and balancing is much better so now you can add nutrients and air-rich seedbeds to your stubborn soil with this tilling partner.


Perfectly designed for any compact soil. The assembly is made quite easy for beginners. Efficient handle for extremely comfortable tilling. The powerful engine delivers the right amount of optimal torque to your tough soil.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Quick to start
  • Durable built quality
  • Flipping wheels design


  • Engine quality is not durable.

Earthquake 31452 MAC Tiller Cultivator


  •  The Earthquake MAC is great for weeding
  • Weighing in at only 24lb, the MAC 
  • The handlebar grips and handleba
  • When not in use the MAC sits upright in its stable

Are you looking for a lightweight easy to carry tiller for your garden bed? Then here is the right choice for you. The earthquake 31452 MAC provides dual functions of cultivating and tilling. So it holds a special name in the tiling industry because of its standard compact design that can be fitted in any area, no need for special storage. It allows you convenient transportation from storage to the garden bed. With its 32cc 2 cycle viper engine you can prepare new flower beds this spring.

From many reviews we got to know about its amazing ergonomically designed handlebars that are easy to grip and control even on unleveled grounds. These rigid u-turn handlebars prevent the unit from bouncing during jumps and jolts. So now feel free to cultivate aerate or weed your soil by utilizing this highly maneuverable earthquake tiller, with which you can be tilling any type of soil with ease.

We loved the wheel and drag stake system that balances the weight of the tiller appropriately. It can easily till between the rows without damaging plants. You will love the parking stance it provides, so if you are tired during your job or you need some time to rest, just set your tiller to the upright standing position, and when you are ready to work get it back to its tilling posture.

 As it weighs only 24lbs so it is convenient to transport anywhere you want. With the adjustable tilling width of 6 to 10 inch, you can cultivate in any kind of soil without damaging delicate roots.

It comes with a user-friendly warranty of 5 years.

What’s unique

The adjustable u-turn handlebars of this compact Earthquake MAC tiller make it easy to control even on unleveled grounds. With such a compact design, it is easy to store it in winter vacations to the storehouse.


  • Easy to handle and maneuver
  • Sturdy handlebars
  • Compact handy unit


  • Barely scrape the grass off
  • The cord is hard to pull

Earthquake 12802 MC440 Mini Cultivator


  •  The 140CC Briggs and Stratton Engine
  • With the wheels in the forward position
  •  Without the use of tools, easily adjust
  • Airless wheels, robust forged tines
  • 11” up to 21” wide by simply adding or removing tines.

Earthquake mc440 provides clean and quiet performance with its largest in-class 40cc 4 cycle engine. Maneuvering and cultivation of soil lead to optimal growth, so choose this versatile machine that helps you get through weeds, prepare flower beds, and perfectly mixes and aerates your soil. It provides a convenient start as it does not require the mixing of oil and gas before the start of the machine. It provides a quiet tilling operation, and won’t bother your neighbor at all.

 It features stand-up starting so you don’t have to bend over and start or stop the machine, you can simply do it from behind the handlebars. You will love the long-lasting air filter design that keeps the dirt and rainwater outside of the engine that would definitely harm the unit. Its small compact size makes it easy to transport and store at any desirable place.

 And it has a lightweight body that makes it highly maneuverable in between narrow rows of flower beds. Now you can easily cultivate in any type of soil as it comes with variable speed control options. 

Spend quality time in the open air in your garden with this tilling buddy that features reversible tines for tilling and cultivating. For long-lasting life, it has a bronze gear drive transmission. The adjustable 7 inches large wheels permit a lock feature for obstructed tilling and even can lower down for easy transport. The sharpened curved tines can dig up to the tilling depth of 8 inches and tilling width of 6 to 10 inches, the tine rotation speed is 250 rpm, which is ideal for fast tilling for larger grounds. It features a consumer warranty of 5 years.


This convenient and powerful front tine tiller can cultivate your tough ground easily if it is watered a few days before. It will make your tilling trouble-free and you could easily dig up without any frustration.


  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to handle and maneuver
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy start option


  • Not suitable for breaking new ground


Earthquake tillers that are easy to operate and control are manufactured and designed in the Earthquake Headquarters in Cumberland, Wisconsin. Earthquake is a division of Ardisam company and the product specialists from all around the world consistently work to ensure the manufacturing of high-quality products. 

No doubt, earthquake stands out as an international brand and makes the finest tillers all around. Earthquake tillers are easy to assemble, easy to operate, and easy to maneuver. Earthquake tillers are highly recommended because of their excellent performance and durability. 

EARTHQUAKE Victory 29702 is absolutely the best choice for new compact grounds, even it can clear out weeds. But make sure to check the tines so they don’t tangle in the tall grass. Next to this is Earthquake Badger 31043 tiller that can give you finely prepared tilled soil.

Earthquakes provide a long-life warranty of 5 years on each of its products. That is considerably quite satisfying for the users. So you won’t regret buying any of the products from Earthquake as you can claim the company if you find any faulty function. 

The earthquake tines are very efficiently designed to cut in one direction so the performance of the tiller specifically depends on the assembly of tines. The SRT move in the same direction as the wheels move while the CRT moves in the opposite direction of the wheels. These sharpened curved edge tines cut aggressively the hard compact soil. 

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