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Are you interested in building your own perfect garden this spring? Then worry not, here we have collected all the information you need while choosing the best tiller for your residential lawn or commercial purposes.

If you are making up your mind to prepare a flower bed or grow vegetation, then choosing a perfect tiller would be your first priority. But first, you should have deep knowledge about all the specifications a good tiller has in order to buy one for your garden. If you make a wise decision of choosing a good tiller for you, it would definitely save you valuable time and extra manual effort. In this article, we will help you out with the main information you need while picking the best tiller for your rough terrain. 

It’s important to understand the right size and type of tiller, keeping in view the size of your garden and the extremity of work you want from your tiller. The right choice of tiller will save you from much of your time-consuming labor and will help you out in mixing, weeding, and aerating your soil.

 Tilling your garden twice a year will loosen up the clods in your soil and maximize the absorption of nutrients into it. Before you choose the best tiller for your garden, first you should know about little details of how a tiller works.



The process of using a tiller is quite simple. The powerful tines are mounted on the tiller and the engine works either on gasoline or electric current. After starting the tiller, engage the choke, start the engine by pulling the cord, and then disengage the choke. Then hold the ergonomically designed handlebars to engage the tines, so the tines start rotating forward. If you want the tines to keep rotating forward, spinning, and digging the soil then keep holding the handlebars to keep them in place. All four tines work in a coordinated fashion to dig the soil and keep it in place.

The first and third tines rotate in towards the tiller and the second and fourth rotate in a direction opposite to the tiller. The inward-pointing tines help prevent the clods of soil from choking the unit by accumulating on the tines. While the outward-pointing tines cut the tough roots and grass. 

Now we will discuss the three main groups, the tillers are divided into. So you can make a wise choice of the best tiller for your garden.



Now read the details of these tillers, so you come to know about general specifications in order to choose the best tiller on the market.


Front tine tillers are an excellent choice for breaking up soft loamy soil and removing weeds from narrow rows. They are much lighter and are appropriate for small gardens or lawns. The tines at the front are capable of breaking the tough compacted soil of your garden. But front-tine tillers are less powerful and might take longer in reaching the depth. 


Front tine tillers have a compact structure so they can easily tile the soil and remove the weeds in between narrow rows of the prepared flower beds. However, this structure is not supportive while tilling in a large plot, because it will take a long time span. With its narrow width and compact structure with shorter tines, you can easily maneuver and cultivate your tough soil. The powered engine propels the tines forward-moving the unit in the forward direction, while the small rear wheels help to stabilize the tiller during jumps.

 After setting the appropriate depth of the tiller, you can use it to add fertilizer, manure, and compost into the soil to make your soil nutritious. And even it can be used to easily remove weeds from their roots, so they won’t grow there again and damage your plants. Even if you choose an electric front tine tiller or a battery-powered front tine tiller, both are light in weight and provide efficient maneuverability by tilling the soil even in compact spaces. 

If you are a homeowner or a beginner-level gardener then make a wise choice of choosing a front tine tiller for your lawn or garden as it is easy to handle and transport. Also, a front tine tiller will cost you a lesser amount and will ease your task in a limited amount.


Mini tillers are an excellent choice for a vegetable garden or lawn. It can perfectly maneuver your backyard lawn at a very cheap price. You can choose a mini tiller if you have a small plot of the garden to cultivate. It is highly portable and easy to use and transport anywhere you want. 


Nowadays, many gardeners start their businesses at the beginner level in their homes. So if you are one of those beginner-level gardeners and live in a residential area, where you don’t want to disturb your locality with the nuisance of your tiller, then make a wise choice of choosing a mini tiller for your garden. Mini tillers or cultivators can be used for the garden smaller than 20 sq feet and the soil which is soft and free of stones and tough clods. 

Mini tillers can easily cultivate in narrow compact rows between flower beds. They help remove weeds and mix nutrients into the soil for appropriate breathability of the soil. Both electric or gas-powered mini tillers can plow through dirt and soil, with the sharpened curved tines rotating in a forward direction. The mini tillers usually have a tilling depth up to 4-10 inches and tilling width of 6 to 16 inches, which means they are efficient for a small garden. However, if you have new ground to break then choosing a mini tiller or cultivator is not a wise choice. 


These powerful rear tine tillers are the choice of professional gardeners and commercial landscapers who rely on a heavy-duty engine to perfectly chomp and slice the tough terrain and prepare new grounds for vegetation. Their engine power makes them suitable to work on any kind of challenging soil. They dip deeper into the soil so you have plenty of space to maneuver. but if you have a compact storage area then these large-size beasts won’t fit easily.


The powerful engine of rear tine tillers can break through any type of rough compact soil thoroughly and quickly. They can prepare new beds because they dig deep into the soil with maximum tilling width and depth. However, storage can be very problematic for a rear tine tiller, as they don’t have a narrow compact structure. 

Rear tine tillers can rotate forward as well as backward. The counter-rotating and dual rotating tines will allow you to switch between the modes and dig deeper into the soil. They have larger curved sharpened tines to prepare a fresh garden from a scratch. These tines rotate opposite in motion to the wheels. 

When the wheels propel forward they are easy to handle. However, they come with reverse gear for increased mobility. So they can till a larger area in much less time. They are easy to control while tilling in a straight line so they are beneficial for large-scale gardening. Some of the rear tine tillers can also be reversed. They are comparatively more expensive than other tillers, but the powerful engine a rear tine tiller provides is worth the cost. 

YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller


  • Dual rotating tines
  • 7 adjustable depths
  • Covers maximum ground
  • 13’ pneumatic wheels
  • Oil sensor

Study, sharp and powerful, this Yardmax YT5328 rear tine rototiller is more than just an ordinary tiller. With a heavy-duty 79cc Yardmax engine, get the perfect combination of power and torque to turn the most compact soil over.

Its removable outer sturdy steel tines allow you to easily till in between narrow rows. What makes it the best rear-tine rototiller for sale is its 3 height adjustment handlebars, which allow you to complete your task without getting tired. 

Yardmax YT5328 has a quality-built structure that can dig any tough soil with its adjustable tilling width and depth. You will definitely love how it scrapes the grass off in no less than a minute and gives you smoothly tilled soil. 

Its counter-rotating tines are suitable for any large garden and commercial plot. This Yardmax rear tine rototiller features all the user-friendly controls for beginners and professional gardeners. 


  • Poly guard protects you from dirt and debris.n first pull
  • Extremely sharp steel blades for trimming. 
  • Powerful built-in gearbox for proper torque
  • Lightweight, easy to use.


  • Engine oil filling is a bit difficult
  • The weight of the machine increases with additional attachments. 

Troy-Bilt Super-Bronco Rear Tine Rototiller


  • 208cc Troy-Bilt 4-cycle engine
  • 10’’ Bolo steel tines
  • 6’’ tilling depth.
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • 16’’ tilling width

This powerful Troy-Bilt Rear tine rototiller is powered by a 208cc 4-cycle engine to mix and loosen the dirt to mix nutrients easily. Moreover, its cast iron bronze gear drive transmission is built to last for years. 

Now no need of buying low-quality plowers that do not hold up for years, here we have the best top-rated rear tine rototiller for you that is backed by a lifetime warranty. With 16 inches of tilling width it delivers a perfectly tilled ground after the operation. Gardening becomes so much easier with its one hand operation feature. 

This tilling buddy does not topple over hard rocks and bumps. However, you need to assemble it before working but once the assembly is done, this best-rated gas rear tine rototiller is all set to finish your task in the blink of an eye. 

The 13 inches big agricultural tires grant excellent mobility and weight balance even on bumpy grounds. We love the ergonomically designed 1-inch wide handlebars that provide exceptional control over the machine. It has an easy assembly so it is an ideal choice for any beginner. 


  • Well balanced even on unlevel grounds
  • Easy to handle and assemble
  • Excellent reverse feature


  • Does not provide enough traction

EARTHQUAKE 33970 Victory Rear Tine Rototiller


  • Heavy-duty 212cc Viper engine
  • Handlebars with 3 height adjustments
  • 10 inches tilling depth
  • Counter-rotating tines
  • 16 inches tilling width

Earthquake is an ideal brand name when it comes to meeting gardening needs. With excellent sod-busting power and incredible performance, this Earthquake rear tine rototiller outshines its competitors. 

It features a powerful 212cc Viper engine that turns over the toughest soil in no less than a minute. Earthquake 33970 Victory has counter-rotating tines that spin in the opposite direction to the wheels. Its sturdy steel tines perfectly till and cultivate the rough terrain which has never been cultivated before. 

What’s more? It has an instant reverse feature so you need not exert effort to shift the entire machine back at the end of gardening rows. All you need to do is to pull the reverse lever to change the position of the tiller. The handlebars are featured with 3 height adjustments for a comfortable tilling experience. What makes it the best rear tine rototiller on the market is the 16 inches wide tilling width and 10 inches tilling depth it covers. Its self-propelled wheels are built to last for years. This versatile Earthquake rear tine rototiller ensures high-quality performance and is backed by 5 years limited warranty.


  • Budget-friendly rototiller
  • Reasonably self-propelled wheels
  • Adjustable handlebars


  • Not suitable for featherweight or weaklings

Rear Tine Tillers FAQs

There are several reliable tiller brands available in the market such as Honda, Troy-Bilt, Husqvarna, and Mantis. However, the reliability of a tiller depends on several factors such as proper maintenance, usage, and the type of soil it is used on.

The required amperage for a tiller depends on its power source. Electric tillers usually range from 6 to 12 amps, while gas-powered tillers have engines ranging from 2 to 13 horsepower. The ideal amperage for a tiller depends on the size of the garden, the type of soil, and the depth of cultivation required.

The horsepower requirement for a 5-foot tiller depends on the type of soil, depth of cultivation, and the speed at which you want to work. Generally, a tiller with 20-25 horsepower is enough to handle a 5-foot tiller for most soil types.

Both front and rear tine tillers have their advantages and disadvantages. Front tine tillers are better for small to medium-sized gardens, while rear tine tillers are ideal for larger gardens and tougher soils. Rear tine tillers are also easier to maneuver and provide better traction. However, front tine tillers are more affordable and easier to store due to their compact size. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your gardening needs and personal preference.


While choosing the best tiller, first check out the requirements of your work then select an appropriate tiller that will fit your demand. It is better to choose a tiller that is more powerful and efficient. Now you come to know how to choose the best tiller for you; select your garden tiller and save your effort and money this spring!

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